That's me in the summer of 2006, enjoying the sun of Okinawa.

After my birth in 1978 it took me some 20 years to (halfway) grow up. That was in the cute town of  Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. I then went fifty miles further west to study Engineering Cybernetics at University of Stuttgart. In 2002 I followed my long fascination with intelligent systems in general and the brain in specific. I went to Boston University in the US and got a Master's there in  Cognitive and Neural Systems.

After finishing my diploma in Stuttgart, I worked for a year at the Institut für Neuroinformatik in Bochum before moving to the FIAS in Frankfurt. Here I'm now continuing my PhD (publications here) in Theoretical Neuroscience.


Most important to me in my spare time are making music, traveling, and outdoor stuff like running and hiking.




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